You love sports, nature and dream of new landscapes? This leaderboard is for you. Discover the best hiking areas in Europe.

From the most difficult to the simplest, discover unique landscapes and untouched nature and treat yourself to unforgettable moments. Discover the most beautiful hikes in Europe alone or with friends or family.

Europe is a treasure trove of natural beauty, boasting breathtaking landscapes and diverse terrain that attract hikers from around the world. From soaring mountain peaks to pristine coastal trails, Europe offers a wide range of 
beginner hiking experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you’re seeking a challenging trek or a leisurely stroll, here are some of the best hikes in Europe that will leave you in awe of nature’s splendor.

Best Hiking Destination In Europe

1. Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, Switzerland

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a legendary trek that circumnavigates the towering Mont Blanc massif, offering panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, glacial valleys, and charming alpine villages.

Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, Switzerland
Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, Switzerland

This multi-day hike takes you through France, Italy, and Switzerland, allowing you to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the region while traversing stunning mountain landscapes.

2. Cinque Terre Coastal Trail, Italy

Located on the Italian Riviera, the Cinque Terre Coastal Trail offers a mesmerizing journey along the Mediterranean Sea.

This picturesque hike connects five colorful fishing villages, each perched on the cliffs overlooking the azure waters. 

Cinque Terre Coastal Trail, Italy
Cinque Terre Coastal Trail, Italy

There is an 11 km path (the so-called blue path) that connects Riomaggiore to Monterosso al Mare. Some sections of the trail are very easy to do, such as the tarmac section from Riomaggiore to Manarola, while other sections are over hills with spectacular views along the coast.

The entire route takes about 5 hours, plus time for visits and stops in each town.

Experience the charm of the Italian coastline as you hike through vineyards, olive groves, and terraced hillsides, enjoying breathtaking views at every turn.

3. Trolltunga, Norway

For those seeking a thrilling and unforgettable adventure, the Trolltunga hike in Norway is a must-do.

This iconic trail takes you to the edge of a dramatic cliff, offering awe-inspiring views of the fjords below.

Trolltunga, Norway hikingontrails
Trolltunga, Norway hikingontrails

The challenging trek rewards hikers with a unique photo opportunity on the famous Trolltunga rock formation, jutting out over 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet.

4. The West Highland Way, Scotland

Embark on a journey through the rugged Scottish Highlands on the West Highland Way. This long-distance trail stretches for 96 miles, taking you from Milngavie, near Glasgow, to Fort William.

The West Highland Way, Scotland
The West Highland Way, Scotland

Traverse through mist-shrouded moors, ancient forests, and beneath towering mountains, including the majestic Ben Nevis. Immerse yourself in Scotland’s rich history and folklore as you hike this iconic trail.

5. GR20, Corsica

Considered one of Europe’s toughest long-distance trails, the GR20 in Corsica offers an incredible test of endurance and breathtaking natural beauty.

GR20, Corsica
GR20, Corsica

This challenging hike spans 112 miles across rugged mountains, jagged peaks, and dense forests. Along the way, you’ll encounter crystal-clear mountain lakes, dramatic rock formations, and stunning vistas that make every step worth the effort.

6. Camino de Santiago, Spain

The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, is a pilgrimage route that has been attracting travelers for centuries.

Camino de Santiago, Spain | Best Hikes in Europe
Camino de Santiago, Spain

Whether you choose the popular Camino Frances or one of the lesser-known routes, this spiritual journey through northern Spain is an enriching experience.

Walk in the footsteps of pilgrims, immerse yourself in Spanish culture, and witness the beauty of charming villages, rolling hills, and historic landmarks along the way.

7. The Lycian Way, Turkey

Discover the ancient wonders of Turkey on the Lycian Way, a long-distance trail that winds along the stunning Turquoise Coast.

The Lycian Way, Turkey The best Europe hiking
The Lycian Way, Turkey

This captivating hike takes you through picturesque coastal villages, rugged cliffs, and ancient ruins, offering a unique blend of natural and cultural exploration.

Marvel at the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea as you hike through pine forests and ascend to breathtaking viewpoints.

8. The Wicklow Way, Ireland

Experience the Emerald Isle’s enchanting landscapes on the Wicklow Way, Ireland’s oldest long-distance hiking trail.

This 80-mile route winds through the Wicklow Mountains, offering panoramic views of glacial valleys, sparkling lakes, and lush greenery.

Wicklow Mountains National Park
Wicklow Mountains National Park

Immerse yourself in Ireland’s rich folklore and captivating beauty as you hike through charming villages, historic sites, and serene wilderness.

9. Rota Vicentina, Portugal

Escape to Portugal’s rugged southwestern coast on the Rota Vicentina, a network of coastal and inland trails.

This scenic route takes you through untouched landscapes, including dramatic cliffs, golden beaches, and rolling hills.

Rota Vicentina, Portugal
Rota Vicentina, Portugal

Explore quaint fishing villages, taste fresh seafood, and revel in the tranquility of the Alentejo region as you hike this hidden gem.

10. The High Tatras, Slovakia

Nestled in the heart of Europe, the High Tatras mountain range in Slovakia offers a paradise for alpine enthusiasts.

The High Tatras, Slovakia
The High Tatras, Slovakia

With its jagged peaks, glacial lakes, and alpine meadows, this region provides incredible hiking opportunities.

From gentle walks to challenging ascents, the High Tatras cater to all skill levels, rewarding hikers with breathtaking vistas and an unforgettable mountain experience.

The Importance of Gear for Hiking: Enhance Your Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to hiking, having the right gear can make all the difference in ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure.

Whether you’re embarking on a short day hike or tackling a multi-day trek, having the appropriate gear is essential for your comfort, safety, and overall experience. Let’s explore the importance of gear for hiking and how it can enhance your outdoor adventure.

You can check :- Basic hiking gear for beginners

When planning your next hiking adventure in Europe, consider these awe-inspiring trails that showcase the continent’s natural wonders. Each hike offers a unique blend of stunning landscapes, cultural immersion, and outdoor exploration. Lace up your hiking boots, embrace the spirit of adventure, and embark on a journey that will leave you with lasting memories of Europe’s extraordinary beauty.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are these hikes suitable for beginners?

Some of the mentioned hikes are more challenging and suitable for experienced hikers, while others are suitable for beginners. Always assess the difficulty level and come prepared with proper gear and knowledge of the trail before embarking on any hike.

  1. Are camping facilities available along these trails?

Many of these trails offer camping facilities or accommodations nearby. However, it’s advisable to check in advance and make reservations if required, especially during peak seasons.

  1. What is the best time to hike these trails?

The best time to hike these trails varies depending on the region and the specific trail. Research the weather patterns and peak seasons for each location to determine the most suitable time to visit.

  1. Are these trails well-marked?

Most of these trails are well-marked and maintained, but it’s always recommended to carry detailed maps, guidebooks, or use GPS navigation to ensure you stay on the right path.

  1. Do I need permits for these hikes?

Permit requirements vary among the different trails and regions. Some may require permits for camping or entry into national parks. Check the official websites or contact the local authorities for permit information.

Please note that trail conditions, regulations, and accessibility can change over time, so it’s essential to research and gather up-to-date information before planning your hike.

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